Children who you can sponsor

How Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship helps provide children with the necessities for a healthy and successful start to their life – nutrition, early childhood and adolescent development, education and school health.

Your generosity also lifts entire communities. Our programs reach children’s parents, caregivers and community members. Together we help save children’s lives, protect them from exploitation and provide them with hope for the future.

How Sponsorship Works

Each child is identified and offered the opportunity to participate in our sponsorship programs in consultation with their family or caregiver. When you sponsor a child they are notified by our local staff.

Your donations for your child are combined with the gifts of other sponsors and donors – rather than just being giving directly to your sponsored child – to support programs that help make life better for all eligible children and their families in the communities we serve.

Holly Foundation will forward letters and pictures to the child and messages from the child will be forwarded to the sponsor. You will also receive our quarterly newsletters which will  update you about your sponsored child.

You will be able to personally experience the positive change you are making in the life of a young child and their community.

My Sponsored Child

You are encouraged – but not obliged – to build a friendship with your sponsored child. They are eager and excited to hear from you and about your life, and happy to share about theirs.

Letters and drawings from your child will allow you to learn more about daily life in their own words and experiences. The letters are in your child’s own hand (a parent or sibling may help them if they are too young to write). A translation is provided by our staff where necessary.

Their carefully drawn pictures and treasured words will enable you to share in the daily joys and struggles of your child’s life as they grow and prosper.


Now see and listen to some of the children

Below are links to short video messages from some of the children in Uganda who are suffering from SCD. Click on the red buttons after reading a little about them.

Yusuf is 9 years old. He requests a bicycle due to pain in his legs.

Joyce is18. She talked about needing the clinic, ambulance, school fees, mosquito nets and bedding. She requires a bed due to her back pain from sleeping on the floor. She also requests mosquito nets because mosquito bites can cause diarrhea which can be fatal to sickle cell sufferers.

Yawe is 9. He requested bedding, mosquito nets, medication for ulcers, bicycle (due to his leg ulcer and joint pain). He also mentioned the ambulance and sickle cell testing machines.

Roger is 4. He requires the clinic, expert medical staff who specialise in sickle cell. He requested a chicken to boost his nutrition, and this is from our farming projects.

Rebecca is 9. She requested bedding, shoes, ambulances and medication.

Irene is 7. She requests cardigans to prevent coldness and soya in order to boost her health.

Isaac is 10. He requests medication and a bicycle because he has a leg ulcer.

Esther is 13. She requires school fees, the clinic, ambulance, medication,  shoes/clothing, bedding and mosquito nets.

Ivan, 7, requests medication and bedding and a bicycle due to his painful legs.

Solomon is 7. His mother dies, therefore he needs more support and medication as well as school fees.

Christine is 5. She requests clothing/shoes and a school bag.

Francis is 11, he requests School fees, teachers that understand sickle cell and snacks.

Ruth is 15. Her father died, she requires the clinic and an ambulance that is nearby, bedding; she has also stopped going to school because of sickle cell disease but she would like to gain skills that would provide technical work.

Michael, 7, requests a nearby school due to often being punished due to lateness.

Martin is 15. He said that he is poor and wants help in the form of a house/shelter. He is a farmer and therefore does not go to school due to his disability caused by sickle cell.

Sharon is 6. She requests the clinic and a chicken.