What we do

The Holly Foundation is a charitable organisation with offices in the UK and a project based in Uganda.


In the UK we:


    • Give out information

      • Build partnerships

        • Fundraising

          • Online reach out discussion and updates for those home bound and those who have limited time to attend meetings.

        • Moral encouragement

      • Telephone reach out

    • Giving emotional support – for example, around grief or loss, where one can feel safe expressing feelings and connect with others who have the “I have been there too” perspective.



In Uganda:


Our projects focus on supporting and encouraging sickle cell awareness at a community level.
We undertake:

  • Advocacy

    • Clinic

      • Disseminate information

        • Counselling

          • Advice

            • Hospital visits

              • Home visits and follow up

                • Motivating self esteem

                  • Fundraising events

                    • Awareness of sickle-cell disease in schools, community and public

                  • Training

                • Developing partnerships

              • Individual, and Group Counselling

            • Signposting

          • Group discussions

        • Mobilisation

      • Facilitation

    • Emotional support

  • Grief counselling.